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Hi… I am Shobhit Khurana 32 years old, for the past 15 years have been travelling throughout India to its remotest parts in almost every state from Jammu to Gujarat to Assam to Kerala or Tamil Nadu etc. It is my true passion as well as profession also, being the CEO of India’s premiere travel company Cosmovision Tours Services Pvt. Ltd. My aim behind starting such a blog website is to share all my experiences in the past with some the exclusive travel reviews or travel tips of all the destinations. Importantly in the end of every article, I will share some of the best travel deals available for that specific destination in India so that all my readers can take advantage of such discount deals while travelling India.

India being the unique amalgam of scenic beauty, mystical places and spirituality make it an all time favourite travel destination. I have travelled most of the travel destinations across India alone or with a touring group of travellers from across the globe. Every time I visit any destination including those which I have already visited before, serves something unique or memorable as an experience to share. This is the uniqueness of India which adds up to the novelty every time you visit here. In fact this feedback is very frequent from all our eminent clientele and friends who revisit same destinations in India every year or two.

I would like to make you experience the culture and the way of life of India through my journey articles, pictures, tales, etc. I truly believe that India has lot more to tell than just visiting the famous tourist spots, the real India resides bit beyond than those remotest places full of vibrant people, cultures, ancient significances and nature’s beauty. Though in some initial articles I will share my experiences upon most famous tourist destinations or travel places but gradually I will shift onto to the most unconventional or ‘not so famous’ destination to give the right flavours to Indian travel spree.

Stay happy, healthy and have a nice reading…!

Shobhit Khurana
Hardcore Travel Buff (fortunate enough to earn from it as well)
CEO, Cosmovision Tours Services Pvt. Ltd.
Email –
Tel: [91] 9899095 777, [91] 9810483 201


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