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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (12)

Next day early morning our Leh Ladakh Tour, we decided to go to the Nubra valley, being ‘bird watchers’, the natural and scenic beauty spots were our preference. Especially those places where one could easily get a sight of the bird fauna in Leh Ladakh, hence the whole itinerary of 6 days of Leh Ladakh tour was designed around the same.

Day 1 – After breakfast, drive from Leh to Nubra valley, which is around 130 Kms via Khardung la pass which takes around 4-5 hours. Check-in our hotel in Diskit at 2 PM followed by little rest and the evening walk to nearby villages also a brief visit to Ladakhi house.

Day 2 – Whole day bird watch excursion in Nubra Valley exploring places like Hunder, Panamik, Sumur & Turtuk etc. evening strolling at Diskit local market for shopping for souvenirs.

Day 3 – Drive back to Leh, visiting Shanti Stupa, hall of fame museum which is around 4kms from Leh and evening visit to Leh market.

Day 4 – Early morning drive to Sham Valley (bird watch excursion) which includes Magnetic Hills, Gurudwara Pather Sahib, Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery and Basgo Monastery.

Day 5 – Leh to Pangong Lake (bird watch excursion) which is around 140 Kms visiting Shey Palace on the way and night stay at a hotel near Pangong Lake.

Day 6 – Visiting Hemis monastery on the way Back to Leh. Relax for the day / shop at local market. Next morning departure from Leh i.e. back to Delhi via same route.

Leh (Leh Ladakh Tour)

Leh City (Leh Ladakh Tour)

I have been here in Leh few times earlier as well, but every time I visit, I find some or the other new hotel or restaurant or shop in the Leh city. Though it is always been a concern for the environmentalist that immense increase in tourism in the valley could have a negative impact on the climate and natural flora fauna across Leh Ladakh. But it seems the Land of Buddhism keeps on changing itself, expanding or transforming itself as per the requirements of the travellers. In fact it is one of the important teachings of Lord Buddha as well that ‘change is inevitable’, everything and anything on this planet changes or adapt itself. According to it, human life is like a river flowing on and on, ever-changing. Occasionally it flows slowly and at times very rapidly.

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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (5)

We reached Chandigarh soon, meanwhile I explained to them (Australian touring group) that though Leh Ladakh is no less than any other town in terms of technological resources but credit card functionality and ATMs are still bit problematic aspects. Actually there are very limited ATMs for cash withdrawal catering huge population, resulting in long queues often and credit card acceptance is also limited to fewer shops only so it is advisable to carry cash and do the necessary shopping beforehand in Chandigarh or Manali itself in order to save oneself from credit card acceptance ordeal in Leh Ladakh. Using ATM or credit card in Leh Ladakh should to be the last option.

We planned to take halt in this city for night stay, meanwhile we had some time but Chandigarh had lot to offer like Government Museum and Art Gallery, Shanti Kunj, Garden of Fragrance, International Dolls Museum, Sukhna Lake, Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, The Rose Garden of Chandigarh, Butterfly Park and Leisure valley etc. but we planned to visit only 1-2 destinations in Chandigarh, our priority was Government Museum and Art Gallery. We had our lunch in car itself to save the time to reach Government Museum and Art Gallery on time as it closes down at 4.30 P.M. in the evening. It is the only place where one can see some of the rare collection of art including painting and sculpture of Pahari, Rajasthan and Gandharan. Most of these collections were brought from Lahore in 1948 post partition of India. The Museum has four major parts i.e. the art gallery, the national history museum, the national gallery of portraits and the Chandigarh architecture museum.


Then we spent later part of the evening near Sukhna Lake which is 3 KM long manmade lake originated from Sukhna Choe stream. Though we were bit late for the water sporting activities like boating, water skiing and yachting etc. but overall it was soothing to have a slow walk nearside. Then after a little shopping trip from sector 17 market we all landed in our respective rooms to start our journey afresh tomorrow morning to Leh Ladakh.


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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (4)

People who know me for years ask me about my passion of exploring the remotest destinations in India especially in the Himalayas, some of which are really extreme climate situations, am I not afraid of any accident or death? – Few years back I asked the same question to a spiritual person on my way, travelling to a village near Kedarnath, Uttaranchal in India which is a famous spiritual destination of Northern India, he replied to me that to face my fears or confront them that will make me comfortable of the presence of the unknown phenomenon like death. So from that day onwards, one may or may not find me attending any sort of celebrations like marriage or birthday parties but you will definitely find me standing at any last rites ceremonies or funerals. I observe them closely and have developed an inner strength to diminish my fears of the death. The meaning of death for me is not the end of life but just an inevitable phase of life. Coming back to our travel journey to Leh Ladakh, we started our journey early morning from Delhi to Chandigarh via Panipat.


The group booked a Toyota Innova car for this trip as it is reliable and spacious for such a long journey from Delhi to Leh Ladakh. The route from Delhi till Manali including Chandigarh amply contains food joints or famous eating joints. Some of world class brand outlets including Mc Donald, KFC, Subway, and Dominos etc. are in abundance so no need to carry food, water or fuel up till that point. Our first stoppage was at Panipat for breakfast and visiting Kabuli Shah Mosque built by Emperor Babar which is a Mughal architecture marvel and tomb of Bu Ali Shah Kalandar. After a quick visit we were back on highway towards Chandigarh. The Australian ornithologists group was quiet concerned about the technology access in Leh Ladakh as they wanted to upload pictures on several bird watcher’s community websites and their respective blogs. Though Leh Ladakh is at extreme height and climate conditions but I assured them the technology connectivity fairly good comprises of several internet cafes and cell phone connectivity through service providers like Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL etc. though in some areas there is a network problem.

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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (3)

As I mentioned that have already visited Leh Ladakh couple of times earlier as well so I am quiet acquainted with the place. Nubra Valley, Lamayuru Monastery, Pangong Lake, Zanskar Valley and Shanti Stupa are some of the tourist places to visit part form it Leh Ladakh has lot more to offer depending upon the person’s stay. Usually tour groups or travellers come to India with a very tight travelling schedule so they left with very less days to explore the beauty, spirituality and mysteries of the place Leh Ladakh. But this time things were little different as the Australian touring group mentioned their long stay with a special demand to visit all possible transit destination’s tourist attraction. So this time things would definitely be different in terms of our explorations.

I have this habit of digging into the history and geographical details of that place well before actual journey starts through various books and online resources. So as Leh Ladakh was concerned I already had a fairly good amount of knowledge about the same during my previous visits, historically Leh was a transit hub or town for all trading activities to India through Kashmir, Tibet and China as it had the tactical advantage falling on the so called trade route or main passage. Also during the times of Dard colonizers, Leh Ladakh was a significant stopover of Tibetan nomads and traders. Basically the place is dominated by two distinct cultures comprising of Buddhist monasteries and architectural monuments on one hand which has a sheer dominance due to their presence since 2nd century and the mughal architecture i.e. monuments and mosques of 16th century.

Leh Ladakh4

Just a day before our journey was going to start as the Australian group have already arrived in Delhi, India. Tomorrow morning we will start our road trip to Leh Ladakh via Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali – Leh route. I have had this unusual habit to lock myself into my reading room for few hours a day before any journey. In those hours I analyse everything from travel plans to budgets to route maps to other important instructions or facts about the place, it is not that I do this intentionally but with times I have developed this habit of assessing all this.

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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (2)

For the readers the region of Ladakh lies connecting the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the main Great Himalayas to the south, this region is among the most scarcely inhabited regions in the state. Due to the difficult terrain and the height of 3505 meters from the sea level Leh Ladakh it stand almost isolated for years wasn’t properly connected to other parts of the country but since last few decades after the road and airport infrastructure development it emerged as a popular tourist destination. Climate wise Leh district in Ladakh has a typical arctic desert climate it can go up to minus 40 degrees in winters which is generally from November to March and other months of the year it’s around 25-30 degrees with clear skies. This region of Leh Ladakh is commonly known as “roof top of the world”. It is one of its kind places on the earth which can give you sunburn and a frost bite at the same instance.

Leh Ladakh5

Though as in the travel company we personally make sure to advise the tourist for the clothing or bag pack essentials for the destination like Leh Ladakh. So the same instructions I followed given to me in ‘CC’ mail with all other travellers (Australian group) by our company’s tour coordinator. Usually we need to carry as much woollen as possible as Leh Ladakh climate is so unpredictable and can go to extremely cold within minutes. We always suggest all our tour groups travelling to Leh Ladakh to carry as much stuff as possible as that will equip us for the difficult terrain and unexpected climate situations. High-quality heavy shoes, jackets, caps and goggles as sunrays are quiet strong at that altitude. Small medical kit including sunscreen and other basic medicines for head ach, upset stomach and pain killers etc. A high quality camera with extra batteries or portable charger as being ornithologists we need to keep an extra camera as well in case of any trouble with primary camera unit also a set of binoculars. Though everything is nowadays available in Leh Ladakh still some tins of packed food wouldn’t add much to our baggage with lots of chewing gum and other candies.

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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (1)

It is always said sharing the same platform of your passion and profession brings in lots of unexpected opportunities in life. Similarly around a year back I got an opportunity which made a significant positivity towards fulfilling my travel obsession as well as my work of travel. Being the CEO of India’s Premiere Travel and Tour Company Cosmovision Tours Services Pvt. Ltd. ( we conduct so many tours every year whether adventure tour packages, spiritual tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, custom or tailor made tour packages to all famous or not so famous or specialized destination across India.

Leh Ladakh

An Australian group of 3 friends approached us, most of them amateur ornithologists (bird watchers) for the specialized trip to Leh which is the capital of Ladakh situated in state of Jammu and Kashmir of India. Since their first communication with our touring company their main emphasis was to arrange a specialized tour to the Leh and nearby places for the sole purpose of bird watching. Their sole purpose was to catch the glimpse of Black Necked Crane and Brown Headed Gull in their natural habitat. Though the Leh or Ladakh as in whole blessed with many varieties of birds including The Raven, Red-billed Chough, Tibetan Snowcock and Chukar, The Lammergeier and the Golden Eagle etc. The travel group finalized the dates of the first week of April which was an ideal time for such an excursion to Leh Ladakh. They specifically asked for a guide or personnel who could accompany them or travel with them as they wanted to explore even the smallest destinations on the way or transit travel destination.

Usually such sort of touring requirements are fulfilled by either Mr. Gupta or Ajay but my luck was awesome that Mr.Gupta was on leave and Ajay was already travelling south with Japanese clients. So with my permissions our company’s executive confirmed them that I will personally accompany them in their whole touring trip to Leh Ladakh. Though it was bit difficult to leave all my travel company’s operation but somehow my staff assured me and convinced me to go to fulfil my passion. Although I have had already visited Leh Ladakh couple of years back (… to be continued.)

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