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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (17)

Next day we drove back to Leh after having early breakfast, we reached there at 11.30 AM. We directly went to the Shanti Stupa. It is situated at a height of 13999 ft around 5 kilometres from the main Leh, though it is well connected with the road but many people prefer alternate route of climbing 500 steps to reach the Shanti Stupa. It is the most popular tourist destination in the Leh, built by the Buddhist of Japan and Ladakh together in the year 1991. The purpose of constructing the Shanti Stupa is world peace and prosperity further it is a compliment to the strong relations between Japanese and Ladakhi people through the 2500 years old legacy of Buddhism as a religion. The whole Shanti Stupa is divided into two levels, the first level consist of Dharmachakra and the second level depicting birth, death and meditating states of Lord Buddha.

Leh Market (Leh Ladakh Tour)

Leh Market (Leh Ladakh Tour)

After spending few hours there we headed toward the famous ‘Hall of Fame Museum’ which is dedicated to the people of Ladakh their art, culture, vegetation and wildlife also there are sections which are exclusively dedicated to army men who served their lives in various military operations during Kargil and Siachen wars. The arms and ammunitions seized from enemy country are on display along with the information about these terrains its difficulty and how people survive such altitudes are on display. Then in the evening we went to Leh market for some shopping, the market is similar to Diskit market but surely there are more shops in comparison. Some of the items which are hot in the tourist shopping lists are Pashmina wool garments including shawls, gloves, caps, stoles and sweaters etc. apart from them there are prayer wheels, Buddha faces or masks, Local Paintings, silver ornament, turquoise and wooden jewellery, carpets, rugs etc. We had dinner in the market itself as there are lot of eating joints serving local cuisines.

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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (3)

As I mentioned that have already visited Leh Ladakh couple of times earlier as well so I am quiet acquainted with the place. Nubra Valley, Lamayuru Monastery, Pangong Lake, Zanskar Valley and Shanti Stupa are some of the tourist places to visit part form it Leh Ladakh has lot more to offer depending upon the person’s stay. Usually tour groups or travellers come to India with a very tight travelling schedule so they left with very less days to explore the beauty, spirituality and mysteries of the place Leh Ladakh. But this time things were little different as the Australian touring group mentioned their long stay with a special demand to visit all possible transit destination’s tourist attraction. So this time things would definitely be different in terms of our explorations.

I have this habit of digging into the history and geographical details of that place well before actual journey starts through various books and online resources. So as Leh Ladakh was concerned I already had a fairly good amount of knowledge about the same during my previous visits, historically Leh was a transit hub or town for all trading activities to India through Kashmir, Tibet and China as it had the tactical advantage falling on the so called trade route or main passage. Also during the times of Dard colonizers, Leh Ladakh was a significant stopover of Tibetan nomads and traders. Basically the place is dominated by two distinct cultures comprising of Buddhist monasteries and architectural monuments on one hand which has a sheer dominance due to their presence since 2nd century and the mughal architecture i.e. monuments and mosques of 16th century.

Leh Ladakh4

Just a day before our journey was going to start as the Australian group have already arrived in Delhi, India. Tomorrow morning we will start our road trip to Leh Ladakh via Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali – Leh route. I have had this unusual habit to lock myself into my reading room for few hours a day before any journey. In those hours I analyse everything from travel plans to budgets to route maps to other important instructions or facts about the place, it is not that I do this intentionally but with times I have developed this habit of assessing all this.

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