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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (4)

People who know me for years ask me about my passion of exploring the remotest destinations in India especially in the Himalayas, some of which are really extreme climate situations, am I not afraid of any accident or death? – Few years back I asked the same question to a spiritual person on my way, travelling to a village near Kedarnath, Uttaranchal in India which is a famous spiritual destination of Northern India, he replied to me that to face my fears or confront them that will make me comfortable of the presence of the unknown phenomenon like death. So from that day onwards, one may or may not find me attending any sort of celebrations like marriage or birthday parties but you will definitely find me standing at any last rites ceremonies or funerals. I observe them closely and have developed an inner strength to diminish my fears of the death. The meaning of death for me is not the end of life but just an inevitable phase of life. Coming back to our travel journey to Leh Ladakh, we started our journey early morning from Delhi to Chandigarh via Panipat.


The group booked a Toyota Innova car for this trip as it is reliable and spacious for such a long journey from Delhi to Leh Ladakh. The route from Delhi till Manali including Chandigarh amply contains food joints or famous eating joints. Some of world class brand outlets including Mc Donald, KFC, Subway, and Dominos etc. are in abundance so no need to carry food, water or fuel up till that point. Our first stoppage was at Panipat for breakfast and visiting Kabuli Shah Mosque built by Emperor Babar which is a Mughal architecture marvel and tomb of Bu Ali Shah Kalandar. After a quick visit we were back on highway towards Chandigarh. The Australian ornithologists group was quiet concerned about the technology access in Leh Ladakh as they wanted to upload pictures on several bird watcher’s community websites and their respective blogs. Though Leh Ladakh is at extreme height and climate conditions but I assured them the technology connectivity fairly good comprises of several internet cafes and cell phone connectivity through service providers like Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL etc. though in some areas there is a network problem.

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