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Leh Ladakh Tour – My Travel Journey (15)

Another exciting day of our Leh Ladakh tour, this morning around 8.30 AM as per our itinerary schedule we went out for exploring the Nubra valley. Our first stoppage was at the Diskit Monastery then to nearby places Hunder, Panamik & Sumur. The Diskit Monastery or Diskit Gompa was made in 14th century. The huge 32 meter statue (more than 2 storeys high) of Maitreya Buddha is facing Shyok River towards Pakistan is the main attraction. It holds the mummified human forearm and head, which is said to be of a Mongol warrior. From Diskit we drove to Hunder which is around 8 Kms, it is famous for moonscape like scenery (cold desert environment), sand dunes and Bactrian camel, unlike other species of camels found in India it has two humps. The basic cultivation in Hunder is of rye and barley but one can easily spot some of the fine fruit orchids as well. We did the camel safari and remained there for almost 3 hours fulfilling our aim of bird watching as well.

Bactrian Camel at Hunder (Leh Ladakh Tour)

Bactrian Camel at Hunder (Leh Ladakh Tour)

One nicest thing I observed about the inhabitants of Leh Ladakh is that people are very much concerned about their natural resources, culture and environment. There are lot of non government groups which are continuously working on the area’s conservation, investing their time and efforts for the same. In return the Ladakh and nearby areas are getting huge amount of revenues from increasing tourism every year. It is really hard to believe that even though the whole area is one of the remotest and toughest terrains but with the efforts of local people including governing authorities and even some groups of foreign nationals as well it has been flourishing like anything in terms of increase in percentage of tourism both domestic and global. In fact this can be easily related to Lord Buddha’s teaching i.e. the law of cause and effect is known as karma, nothing ever happens to us unless we be worthy of it. We get precisely what we earn, whether it is good or bad. Latter the modern science recognized this as Newton’s famous third ‘law of motion’ which states that every action has equal and opposite reaction. So the people here seems are deeply following this teaching by investing in nature and its resources, in return nature is giving back or fulfilling all that is required.

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